Pipe Cleaning

Pipes are vital arteries of production in a variety of sectors in the process industry. Blockages cause costly downtime while repairs are organised but perhaps worse are gradually increasing pipe constrictions that cause output to deteriorate over time.

Hydroblasting is an effective solution for pipe cleaning, resulting in reduced fouling and increased flows. TJ Hydroblasting can inspect and clean virtually any diameter and length of pipe. The hydroblast cleaning technique is effective for almost any kind of deposit - even concrete.

Whereas traditional descaling solutions mean that most of the cleaning energy is confined to the centre of the pipe, hydroblasting is equally effective at the wall of the pipe, where cleaning is required most. Crucially, hydroblasting can be employed without damage to the pipeline itself or any associated equipment, such as rubber seals.

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New penalties to help tackle tailgating

Under new measures announced recently by Road Safety Minister, Stephen Hammond, careless drivers face on-the-spot fixed penalty notices.

Stephen Hammond & Government plans to get tough on dangerous drivers

Outlined the government’s actions and plans aimed at reducing road accidents through local decision making, tougher action against dangerous drivers and better education, especially for young drivers.

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