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Road Marking

Professional Road Marking

We at Hydroblasting are a professional company that can take care of all of your road marking requirements. From public roads and car parks to warehouses, we have road marking services for you. Our advanced machinery combined with our skills and experience means that we can deliver fantastic results. So, if it sounds like our services could help you, get in touch today for a FREE quote!

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What are road markings?

Road markings (or line markings) are markings on road surfaces, pavements, concrete, or tarmac to communicate information to motorists and pedestrians. The information communicated by road markings includes directions, lanes, zones, speed limits, parking, stopping and safety. These types of road markings are typically used in:

  • Car parks.
  • Bus lanes and cycle lanes.
  • High-traffic zones.
  • Road safety markings.
  • And more.
Hydroblasting | Road Marking Removal | ANSCO

If you’re a local authority or commercial client and have been looking for line and road marking services, then we have the solutions for you.

What are road markings made of?

Road markings are typically made from thermoplastic paint, a material consisting of synthetic resins and premixed glass beads. Thermoplastic paint is hard-wearing and dry on contact. Furthermore, it meets the performance requirements of BS EN 1436.

How are road markings applied?

We can apply line markings using our advanced road marking machinery or by hand. We also use stencils for accuracy where symbols need to be applied. The thermoplastic paint is heated before application and is then sprayed onto a surface using specialist machines.

How long do road markings take to dry?

The thermoplastic paint used to apply road markings boasts fast drying capabilities and can be dry within five minutes! This means that you can walk and drive on the surface almost immediately for minimum disruption and downtime.

Hydroblasting | Road Marking Removal | ANSCO

Is it possible to remove existing line markings?

Yes, in addition to applying road markings, we can also remove them if required. Using an advanced, compact road marking removal machine we can strip markings from almost any surface including tarmac, concrete and more. This machine uses a hydroblasting technique and blasts clean, cold, filtered water at a regulated pressure across the targeted surface.  As hydroblasting only uses water, it is incredibly environmentally friendly and contains no toxins. Furthermore, we dispose of all wastewater in line with Environment Agency regulations.

Why are road markings important?

Help to regulate traffic

Road markings are essential in helping to regulate traffic. They do this by controlling speed limits, showing drivers where they can change lanes, when they can make turns safely and more. Road markings must be adhered to by all drivers and they are key to keeping traffic moving and drivers safe.


When roads are properly marked, the safety of drivers and pedestrians is significantly increased. Line markings such as loading and unloading areas, designated parking areas, no parking areas, pedestrian lanes and more all dictate road safety. When adhered to, these line markings are vital to road safety.


Road markings can be applied to pavements, concrete, tarmac and more to communicate information to motorists and pedestrians. Furthermore, they can be applied in a range of settings including car parks, bus lanes, cycle lanes, high-traffic zones and many more.

Improves navigation

Road lines are there to help drivers navigate roads efficiently and safely. Arrows and directional markings, for example, can help to ease the flow of traffic. Parking lines assist those with parking and can help to facilitate those with access requirements. Line marking is key in helping the public navigate safely.

Increases efficiency

When proper areas are designated for specific vehicles and the public, efficiency will be increased. This includes cycle lanes, bus lanes, disabled access parking and more. Road marking services are in place to make the driving experience easier, more efficient and more accessible for all.

How much do road marking services cost?

The cost of road marking services will vary depending on several factors, therefore we recommend getting in touch with us for a FREE quote.

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In addition to road marking services, we offer an extensive range of other services including:

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